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Reflexology can awaken your senses and integrate your body.


Reflexology promotes well-being

Reflexology promotes well being by working with your body, and all its unfathomable connections, to help you breathe deeply, release stress and limitations, and allow new healing possibilities to flow into your life.

Reflexology alleviates stress

Many people seek reflexology to unhook from stress and all its hormones – to switch out of "fight or flight" responses governed by the sympathetic portion of the nervous system into a state of deep relaxation - the “rest and digest”, "peace and pleasure" functions governed by the parasympathetic portion of the nervous system. You must be in “rest and digest” mode to regenerate energy, to heal, to break cycles of chronic pain, and to expand your consciousness. Because reflexology helps break the chronic- stress cycle, and allows the body to direct its energy to regenerating and healing, it helps create outcomes like energy and enthusiasm.

Reflexology works with you

If you have ever experienced anything that is both gentle and powerful, you will have a sense of how reflexology can support apparently subtle transformations whose effects are life changing.

Reflexology can support you if you

Reflexology can help create shifts that