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Welcome to the healing and expansive space that can be created by reflexology and plants. Here you can nourish yourself, transform, integrate, and expand.

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Reflexology and Herbal Salves

Reflexology operates on the principle that when the body is relaxed and free of stress, it is released to use its energy and internal wisdom to attend to its own needs. The practice of reflexology involves applying touch and pressure to precise places on the feet, hands, and ears to relax the body and create positive change both locally and elsewhere in the body.

Reflexology both reduces stress and activates the mind-body-spirit connection. It works with your body and all its unfathomable connections to help you breathe deeply, release limitations, and allow new healing possibilities to flow into your life.

By reducing stress, reflexology can help to strengthen you physically and mentally, reduce pain, awaken your senses, and develop connections within yourself and with the outside world.

Plant-based teas, tinctures, and salves capture the essence of the plants they contain and the places the plants grew.

Using organic plants and other natural ingredients, I prepare salves, lotions, and sprays that allow you to draw in the restorative energy of the plants they contain. You can smell them, apply them to your skin and hair, or simply carry a container of them with you to connect with their healing and strengthening qualities whenever you need and wherever you go.

An herbal salve or tincture tailored to your specific needs can also provide supportive therapy between reflexology sessions. Reflexology and herbal remedies can create a powerful base for healing and strengthening.

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